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Yanelly Loor Owner of From the Heart to the Paws and Barks and Whistles

" My intention is to simplify your shopping journey by selecting the best products for your pet which have been curated with love. "

- Yanelly Loor

The combination of my 25 years of experience as a veterinarian technician, my love and dedication for my craft, and being a pet parent myself was the catalyst to create From the Heart to the Paws, which is an extension of Barks and Whistles ™ which was founded in 1999. 


Our focus is to help simplify your journey in finding superior, high-quality products within a flooded market.  I want to help you choose the right product that fits you and your pet’s lifestyle. 


By combining research and experience in regards to everything from the heart to the paws, let me help guide you.  

Everything related to pets including:  

Skin care

 Dental care 

 Vitamin supplements

 Collars and harnesses

We curate this all with love.  I am choosing products from all over the world to help maximize health and happiness for pets.

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