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Ziggy Marley Apawthecary

USDA Organic products like CBD, Mushroom Provisions, Transdermal Creams, Paw Balms, and Superfood Toppers made in Colorado. Ensures the best quality which is also 3rd party tested.

by One Farm by Waayb

  • CBD Benefits


 Helps for pain relief

 Reduces inflammation

 Reduces anxiety in pets

 Can be used for cats and dogs

  • Transdermal creams

 For patients that are sensitive to taking CBD orally, we can provide relief by creams that can be applied to the ears and absorbed through the skin

  • Paw Balms

 Provides moisture to the paw pads to keep them smooth and avoid dryness

 For DOGS Only

  • Superfood toppers

 Bone Broth flavor

 Great to use when introducing a new food

 Available with or without CBD

 Helps to promote improved digestion 

 Relieves gastrointestinal irritation

 Helps for picky eaters to finish their meals

 Restores gut health after those who have taken antibiotics

 Addresses acute and chronic diarrhea and regular bowel movements

  • Mushroom Provisions

 Can be used on cats and dogs

  • Turkey tail

 Helps with providing a healthy gut biome and immune system

  • ​Reishi

 Helps to promote and maintain a healthy heart, kidney and liver

  • Lion’s Mane

 Focuses on the cognitive and nerve health

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