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Bully Billows


We have chosen this line to bring a wide array of styles in collars and harnesses imported from the United Kingdom. 

Comes in an array of colors, styles, and materials to help select the perfect fit for your fur baby.  Some of them can even be personalized.

  • Some of the collars and leashes (leads) have integrated a Neoprene lining. With this advanced technology which is the same material as in wetsuits, it provides several benefits such as:

 Odor resistant

 Quick drying

 Comfortable to the touch providing an enjoyable experience for you and your pet.

  • Triple layered and reflective collars for small dog breeds

​​ Comfort provided by Neoprene, Nylon and foam

 Collars are a perfect addition for puppies and small dogs 

 Enjoyable for your dog during walking and playing

 Special designed stitching minimizes neck discomfort for your pet

 Reflective feature helps for safe night time walking

  • The Billowthane ® Vegan Based Collar and Leash


 Patented technology provides us a waterproof plant based alternative to Leather

 Tear resistant

 Rust resistant and is non- absorbent

 Reduces friction burns normally found with leather

 Available in an array of accent colors ranging from rose gold, black to platinum 

  • Anti-Tangle Mechanism and Padded Handles on the Leashes (Leads) 

 Swivel mechanism allows rotation, this movement minimizes the amount of stress that is usually absorbed by the person walking the animal. 

 Neoprene integrated technology makes a pleasant walking experience

 Stainless steel clasps are rust resistant and waterproof

 Comes in a variety of beautiful colors to fit every fur baby’s style.

 Stainless steel hardware has a lifetime guarantee

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