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earthbath  Pet Care with Purpose


We feature this line for its Cruelty Free, Vegan-based skin care products from California. 
Starting a routine cleaning regiment with your cats and dogs can create a trusting bond that can last a lifetime.

We want to create a happy and trusting relationship between your fur baby and their veterinarian. Getting your pet accustomed to being touched in sensitive areas such as ears, eyes, claws and paws helps to reduce their stress during a physical exam or grooming session.

  • Free from Parabens, sulfates, phthalates, alcohol, soap, lanolin, DEA and synthetic dyes

 Minimizes allergic reactions

 Our additive free formulas help to minimize the impact on your pet's internal organs, as many ingest these topical products during their grooming ritual.

 By being non-toxin, we are minimizing diseases such as cancer, hormone disruptors and organ diseases that affect the heart, liver and lungs.

 Cruelty Free- These products are never tested on animals and do not contain any animal-based products.

  • Most formulas can be used for both cats and dogs

  • What causes allergies in pets?




  • Our gentle cleansers are plant derived, coconut based which make them ideal for different skin conditions or simple maintenance.

  • Formulas help with the following skin conditions: 




 Hot Spots

 Itchy skin

 Sensitive skin


  • Need simple maintenance?  These products help with these too!

 Coat brightening




 Soothing relief

  • Different modes of application help to provide TLC to target areas that need special care.




 Grooming Foam

Have a cat or dog who does not like to bathe but they have allergies?  This Hypo-allergenic grooming foam is for them.  

  • Rub-on, Towel off- No Water needed.

  • This foam will help to remove the following allergens:

    • Dander

    • Dirt

    • Residual saliva

    • Human Dander!- Yes they can be allergic to us :(  

    • Helps with shedding


Helps to cleanse sensitive areas such as ears, eyes, claws and paws

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